Web Strategist



Why Do You Have A Website?

A web site is an important investment. Before you design and build a web it's important to identify the business reasons for the investment. Designing and building websites is not enough, at Snake Hill we want to create success. We start every project the same way, with a lot of questions:

  • What is the business reason for the site?
  • Who is the audience for the site?
  • What are visitors looking for?

Then we pull back and look at the big picture.

The Center of Your Web Ecosytem

Your site is the tip of the iceberg - your home base - but the playing field extends throughout the web. Your web presence includes social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, blogs, and other sites on the web that share your interests and audience. A complete Internet strategy gets you out there by participating, networking, and interacting with your community. A dynamic web site collects content from your web community and ties it all together. You can't find new customers if you stay at home and you can’t have a successful web presence without spending time reaching out to your web community.

Web Strategy

Helping to Build On-line Communities

As a professional organization of C-level IT security officers, CISO Executive Network relies heavily on their website to grow their community and keep them informed. We've helped organizations like CISO Executive Network grow their on-line community, manage newsletter campaigns and optimize for SEO. CISO  Executive Network has expanded their regional chapters delivering great content, streaming video and webinars to their growing network of IT security professionals.