Drupal Experts

Snake Hill has been an active member of the Drupal Community for over 8 years, that's like 35 years in dog-years, which might as well be Drupal-years. We're the only dedicated Drupal Shop in Baltimore, Maryland. We're active in the community: contributing to the Drupal Open Source project and organizing Drupal Community events (like the Baltimore Drupal Meetup). 

Why Drupal?

Before selecting Drupal, Snake Hill evaluated many Content Management Systems. Some were good but only one stood out. Drupal offers a speedy and flexible path for creating sophisticated web sites, which makes it a perfect fit for organizations with complex requirements. Thousands of preexisting modules and an extensive developer community help us create functionality with less effort, which lets us focus on user experience and functionality. 

Look What We Did With Drupal!

Drupal is great for on-line communities. The Maryland Business Round Table (MBRT) created STEMnet  to bring STEM specialists and Maryland educators together in the classroom. After working with IBM on the original site, Snake Hill has transformed the site into a truly social platform. STEMnet's new Facebook style user interface includes a wall for posting messages and keeping up to date on activities. The site handles all sorts of multimedia and includes an app store like interface for classroom resources. STEMnet is the first site of its kind in the U.S. and Drupal is helping to make Maryland a leader in STEM education.