Drupal 7 as a Communications Platform

The 1890's are alive in Portland

Thank you Baltimore Ravens for providing inspiration for my session at DrupalCamp New Jersey. Although I had worked this past week and late last night on revising "Drupal as a Communications Platform," the muse did not show until the 2 1/2 hour drive to Princeton University. Conversations at recent Drupal co-working sessions, a string of interesting client meetings, the Baltimore Tech community's effort to hack the Superbowl, and John Starling's seminar "Zen Leadership Philosophies and Practices" provided a wealth of ideas to transform a technical talk into a discussion about web communication strategy. And my 7 year old son's obsession with Portlandia's "Dream of the 1890's" provided the perfect segway for reminding attendees about DrupalCon which is being held this year in Portland May 20 - 24.

I'm attaching the slidedeck here. The session was recorded and should show up soon on the DrupalCamp New Jersey site.